Opportunities our clients have shared with us.

You can find virtually any opportunity within your Mitchell1 Manager using the RSS Toolbox.


The shop asked Buddy to find all cars with at least 50,000 miles where the shop had never performed a brake job.  The owner wanted to send a promotion to make sure all these customers knew his shop offered brake services.


This shop does a lot of routine maintenance and inspections.  They asked Buddy to find all vehicles that have been driven 36,000 miles, or 36 months has passed, since this shop did the last brake service.


A foreign car shop wanted to see all Honda Civics with at least 90,000 miles where the shop has never replaced the timing belt.  A great vehicle recommendation to add for inspection on the next visit.


Intelligent Assistant

Automatically knows all customers in need of service and can learn any interval service.



Full Messaging Center with one click access to your customer's Vehicles, Recs, & Appointments.

Vehicle Recommendations in RSS Toolbox for Mitchell1's Manager SE


Find thousands of dollars in vehicle recommendations just sitting in your shop's database.

Search Vehicles in the RSS Toolbox for Mitchell1's Manager SE


RSS Toolbox provides the ability to search the database to find all vehicles in need of service.

Searching your schedule with the RSS Toolbox.

Follow-up on

Search your Calendar by Reason and Status.
Requires Manager SE 7 or higher.

Search Customers with the RSS Toolbox for Mitchell1's Manager SE

Keep more

Find and follow up with “at risk” customers to get their next service appointment scheduled.

Text Messaging for Mitchell1 using the RSS Toolbox
Texting customers with Manager SE and the RSS Toolbox

Text Messaging for Vehicle Service Reminders and more...

Times have changed, and so has human interaction.  More importantly, customer expectations have changed.  Research is now showing the “millennial” generation has passed the “baby boomers” as the largest living generation in the United States.

Text Messages and Apps are used for notification regarding anything of importance.  Text Messages get checked in real time.

Phone Calls are for setting up details and making decisions.  Phone calls are answered if available or "in the mood".

Email is for documentation and record keeping.  Rarely checked and very low on the priority lists.

Paper… ha ha ha, that’s a good one!  Lost within minutes!

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