What is the RSS Toolbox?

RSS Toolbox is Business Intelligence software for your Shop Management System.  RSS Toolbox is being used by shops to increase customer visits, close more vehicle recommendations and more importantly keep the work coming!  You can find out more reading the “overview” of the RSS Toolbox.

*Compatible with Mitchell1's Manager SE (version 6.0 or higher)

How do I order the RSS Toolbox?

We wanted the RSS Toolbox to be as affordable as possible to every shop owner.  In order to accomplish this, we have automated the entire order and fulfillment process on our websites.  No waiting for a sales rep or software to be shipped.

Simply click "PURCHASE" at the top of any page on our site!

Are there contracts for RSS Toolbox?

NO.  When your software makes someone money you don't need contracts.

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens and sometimes you may no longer need a particular piece of software.  You may cancel at any time by simply clicking the account link in your welcome email.  Upon canceling, your software will continue to work throughout the period of time you purchased and will not renew.  You can manage your account and software licenses at https://repairshopservices.com/my-account/

Is there Training for the RSS Toolbox?

We know training staff on new software can be difficult.  We've made the RSS Toolbox extremely easy to use, and even simpler to learn!  When "training mode" is enabled each panel in RSS Toolbox contains a red YouTube icon for how to use that panel.  We also offer customer support via phone and remote connection during business hours.

What are the Tech Requirements for RSS Toolbox?

  • Software - Mitchell1 Manager SE version 6.0 or higher.  Scheduler features require Manager SE version 7.0 or higher.  You can find your Manager SE version in the lower right of the Manager SE software.
  • Operating System - Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Computer - The RSS Toolbox uses a series of Advanced Algorithms and Logic to build the data for you.  We recommend at least 2 Gigabits of RAM.  Most computers purchased in the last 5 years work just fine.

Are Customer Notifications Automatic?

NO.  The shops that are involved in the feedback and development process for the RSS Toolbox have insisted they wanted control over contact with their customers.

Complete Automation for customer contact is really the job of a CRM.  We personally recommend Mitchell1’s SocialCRM product.  However, there are other CRMs from DemandForce and Identifix as well.

It is worth noting the RSS Toolbox has been shown to be compatible with virtually every CRM connecting to the Mitchell1 Manager SE database.  The RSS Toolbox allows shop owners to fix data problems and enhance a CRM’s capabilities!

Is Texting Service Reminders Legal?

YES.  You are not sending "Bulk Promotions" or "Marketing".  Each customer that visits your shop expects to have their vehicle inspected and recommendations made.  That being said, the SMS Text Provider for RSS Toolbox complies with US and International Law by displaying customers the ability to “HELP”, “STOP” or “RESTART” when receiving text messages from your shop.  A shop CANNOT override a customer’s decision.

Further research of local laws are the responsibility of the shop.

Can I Send Bulk Text Messages?

No.  Currently, governments are still trying to work out the legalities of SMS Text Marketing or “Bulk Texting”.  As soon as there is “clarity” regarding the requirements of “Bulk Texting” this feature will be available within RSS Toolbox!

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