How to manage customer appointments in Mitchell1 using the RSS Toolbox.

Know your appointments and know when your customer requests a reminder.

This shop has 2 appointments in the next week WHERE the customer asked to be reminded of the appointment.

  1. We asked the shop BEFORE running the RSS Toolbox... Do you think the shop remembered the special requests?
  2. Could the owner quickly find these customers in the new Scheduler for Manager SE?

Answer: No. However, the shop was able to quickly locate and send out text messages as appointment reminders for these customers.  The shop has also decided to send out text message and email reminders from now on.

*This is real data, from a real shop.  We've removed all private customer data.

Give that extra bit of service regarding customer appointments.  The following features came at the requests of Mitchell1 Reps and Shop Owners!

*Compatible with Mitchell1's Manager SE (version 7.0 or higher)

Searching your schedule with the RSS Toolbox.

Search All Appointments by status

Mitchell1 has released a new and very powerful update to scheduling in Manager SE.  RSS Toolbox provides the ability to search this new “scheduler” to find all appointments under a certain status.  You may consider using this to remind customers of an upcoming appointment if you used the status "call and remind".  Don't forget you have access to Phone, Email and Text reminders within the RSS Toolbox.

*Compatible with Mitchell1's Manager SE (version 7.0 or higher)

Searching your schedule with the RSS Toolbox.

Search by Reason for Appointment

What if one of your specialized techs calls in sick for the week?  Do you know all the appointments for let's say "transmission work"?  If you have RSS Toolbox you can search and find all appointments based on the "reason" selected when the appointment was entered.  Use this feature to help avoid problems by rescheduling the work ahead of time.

Searching your schedule with the RSS Toolbox.

Following up with the Customer

RSS Toolbox provides many ways to follow-up with your customers regarding their appointments.  You can call, email or even text appointment reminders to your customers from within RSS Toolbox.  You’re busy and so are your customers, texting a reminder on the day of an appointment will help reduce “no shows”.

Searching your schedule with the RSS Toolbox.

No Contracts - take it for a spin!
Get control of your appointments.

There are no contracts for the RSS Toolbox, ever!  Now you can provide that extra bit of customer service for each appointment.  Download your free 14-Day trial below.

Be sure to follow along with our 14-Day Trial video (right), we'll have you up and running in under 5 minutes.

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